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Hurt by a Dangerous Drug in Las Vegas?

We Can Help You Exercise Your Rights as a Consumer

Modern medicine has produced some amazing products that have helped us to better cope with difficult medical conditions. Whether you’re recovering from surgery or dealing with a minor aliment, pharmaceutical drugs can provide you with relief. However, when drug manufacturers fail to keep their facilities clean, follow standard safety procedures or adequately test their products before releasing them onto the market, people can get hurt. If you have been hurt by a dangerous drug, we ask you to contact an Las Vegas personal injury lawyers from our firm to discuss your options.

We fully support those who have been injured by defective products and will fight relentlessly on your behalf to see justice served. We are constantly available to answer your questions and will consult with you throughout the process so that you’re well informed about your case and its progress. This means that you can trust in Philip J. Trenchak. to fight for the damages that you deserve.

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Hold the Pharmaceutical Company Accountable

Being injured by a company’s negligence is never something that should go unpunished. Not only do you have to deal with an incredible amount of pain and suffering, but you may also experience financial losses. Obtaining medical care for complications that have arisen from faulty drugs can cost thousands of dollars and require ongoing treatment. You may also be forced to take a leave of absence from work. Taking legal action against a company on the basis of negligence is a complicated procedure, which is why you should seek counsel from a skilled and experience lawyer.

We can help you to prove that the pharmaceutical company:

  • Failed to adequately test the drug for adverse side effects
  • Failed to warn consumers about adverse reactions and risks
  • Failed to accurately represent the effectiveness of the drug
  • Altered the manufacturing process after receiving FDA approval
  • Intentionally or directly marketed the drug for off-label uses
  • Failed to recall a drug that is known to be dangerous

How do dangerous drugs make their way onto the market?

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must approve all drugs before they are released onto the market, this hasn’t stopped pharmaceutical companies from cutting corners. Most companies are in a rush to release their products and start turning a profit, which means that fewer clinical trials are being conducted and less information about known side effects is being reported to the FDA when going through the approval process. In turn, drugs that have not been adequately tested or properly manufactured are continually being prescribed to patients across the country.

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If you were harmed by a dangerous drug, it’s time to take action against the parties responsible. With the help of an Las Vegas injury attorney from Philip J. Trenchak, you can fight to secure the damages that you deserve. Our firm has been representing wrongfully injured victims for more than three decades so you can rest easier knowing that your case is in the right hands.

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